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It is amazing how easy today we can find information that we are looking for, just with a few clicks on a computer and the magic internet gives us all!

I just was looking for some dessert ideas and I’ve come across a very simple and fun way to make Easter eggs.


Easter eggs with chocolate mousse

( This recipe is adapted and translated from ” CuisineAZ” )

You will need:

6 medium size chocolate Easter eggs without filling (Eggs must be big enough to fit into an egg cup)

100 g chocolate ( I used 70% cacao)
3 eggs
30 g butter
1 pinch of salt


1 Break the chocolate into pieces in a bowl. Add butter to the chocolate.
2 Put the bowl on a bain-marie and melt, stirring occasionally.
3 When chocolate and butter are melted and well mixed, take the bowl, of the bain-marie. Allow…

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