Escaping Tourists: Nature Reserves & Walks of Haute Vienne

Oh the breath of fresh that it can be to truly escape: to find yourself and just yourself in the midst of nature.

Haute Vienne, Limousin is still an area that is not over-run by tourism. Using La Croix Du Reh as your base, you can explore miles and miles of countryside, lakes and forests. We have all the information you need and will happily point you in the right direction.

The region’s landscape is remarkably diverse and you can enjoy a wide variety of flora and fauna, dry moor and grasses, gorges and valleys, heaths and lakes, woods and farmland. The region is famous for its natural reserves and most are open to the public for walking, hiking or cycling, including:

Périgord Limousin Regional Natural Park  

A stunning expanse of 1,800 km sq, this landscape will take your breath away as it changes with the seasons. It offers no less than 2,000 km of walking paths and tons of natural and man-made attractions:

  • A walk to explore the Maisonnais-sur-Tardoire bees and the honey yielding plants that attract them
  • The Vayres-les-Roses quirky village dedicated to roses
  • Watch chestnuts being dried and processed
  • Be amazed at the variety of ecological zones including damp zones, peat bogs, lakes and limestone beds
  • Visit the unusual site of a giant crater created by the Rochechouart meteorite
  • Walk the Richard the Lion Heart route and learn his rich and troubling history
  • Reflect on the wonderful cultural history of the Périgord region at the the Moder Art Museum at Rochechouart

Millevaches Regional Natural Park

Ranging from 400 to 1,000 m in altitude, the Millevaches highland, mountainous park spans across three departments in Limousin. It’s name means a Thousand Springs and this serves an apt description of the alluring natural scenes that you will encounter here.

Not only is it home to the famous lakes of the region, like Lake Vassiviere and the St Pardoux Lake, that are chock full of water-related leisure activities to keep the whole family busy, but its sloping hills and deep gorge valleys will leave you breathless.

To make life easier, we have created a special package to include everything you may needs as you explore the region. The Walking Holidays package takes care of all your meals and an unforgettable stay at La Croix Du Reh while in Limousin. Email us if you need any more information or visit the region’s official tourism site (and the source of photos in this post) for English language information about the parks.


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