Roses, Chestnuts and the Quirky Culture of Vayres

The region of Limousin is famous for and takes pride in its flowers. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the township of Vayres.

Typical Chestnut Drying Cledier

Vayres is a village dedicated to the beautiful rose. Its people’s love affair with the flower runs so deep that they have officially renamed the town Vayres-les-Roses (Vayres of Roses). The peak times to enjoy the blooms that adorn the side-walks, open spaces and residents’ homes is from spring to October each year. You wont be bored in the winter either as the rose is ever-present in the village since even the street names are dedicated to the delicate flower.

The village of Vayres has even more historical and cultural significance. In the cold months of winter, the people of Limousin have historically relied heavily on hearty nuts and vegetables for sustenance. You will get a great feel for the importance of chestnuts as you meander through Vayres chestnut woods, past a typical chestnut drying, round stone house and a disused serpentine stone quarry.

We guarantee that you will fall in love with this florally-obssessed village. You can reach it easily from La Croix Du Reh and it is only 34km from Limoges, the Capital of Limousin. Just ask us how to get there.

Image from the Vayres’ hub page.


La Croix Du Reh Bed and Breakfast (B&B)

Address: 23 Av. Amedée Tarrade, 87130, Châteauneuf – la Forêt, France


Tel: (0033) 555 69 75 37 or (0033) 661 73 42 11e-mail:


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