Lovely Limoges, The Capital of Limousin

Limousin area is renowned for its beautiful countryside and has earned itself the name of The Land of a Thousand Lakes. But natural wonders are not all there is. The region’s capital, Limoges, is a short drive from La Croix Du Reh and has a lot to offer to any visitor:

  • Discover the Arts of Fire: porcelain, enamel and stained glass are deeply imbedded within the city’s identity. In fact, Limoges belongs to a very exclusive circle of nine European porcelain producing cities. Not only is Limoges full of boutique sellers, quirky craft shops and ample places to try your hand at making something beautiful, if you look around you will notice that precious artefacts of the arts of fire adorn the façades of ancient houses and fountains as well. To learn a little more about it, pop into the Adrien Dubouché National Porcelain Museum or visit the Casseaux Porcelain Kiln.

  • Be Entertained: Once you are done indulging your curiosity, you can relax and take advantage of the other leisure and entertainment activities that Limoges has to offer. Choose from great shopping, outstanding restaurants and bars, and regular major events. Limoges has a fantastic, English-language tourism website (the source of the porcelain vase picture) where you will find all the information you need.

Getting to Limoges from La Croix du Reh is easy and takes only 30 minutes by car and we have hundreds of leaflets of things to do and see in Limoges and all over Limousin that you can browse at your leisure.


Address: La Croix Du Reh Bed and Breakfast (B&B),  23 Av. Amedée Tarrade, 87130, Châteauneuf – la Forêt, France,

Tel: (0033) 555 69 75 37 or (0033) 661 73 42 11e-mail:


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