What’s up?

Chers amis, Pour débuter en beauté cette saison automnale, l’exposition “André Bauchant et ses contemporains” est prolongée jusqu’au 10 janvier 2016. Nos équipes proposent visites guidées, accueil des scolaires, ateliers pour adultes et enfants sur les thématiques du musée et des jardins. Avec l’arrivée de l’automne, c’est aussi la reprise du cycle de causeries, concerts et spectaclesContinue reading “What’s up?”

Beautiful any time of the year

The local lake in Chateauneuf – la – Foret is just 300 m from  La Croix du Reh our bed and breakfast and it is beautiful any time of the year

Lovely Limoges, The Capital of Limousin

Limousin area is renowned for its beautiful countryside and has earned itself the name of The Land of a Thousand Lakes. But natural wonders are not all there is. The region’s capital, Limoges, is a short drive from La Croix Du Reh and has a lot to offer to any visitor: Discover the Arts ofContinue reading “Lovely Limoges, The Capital of Limousin”

Beach Bumming in Châteauneuf-la Forêt

Sometimes when you are on holiday, the last thing you want to do is anything at all. And why not! La Croix Du Reh is a five minute walk away from a beautiful lake with a sandy beach in the heart of Châteauneuf-la Forêt. You can relax with a book or bring your kids to playContinue reading “Beach Bumming in Châteauneuf-la Forêt”

Why Kids Love Limousin & La Croix Du Reh: Donkeying Around

Drop your bags off at La Croix du Reh, have a strong breakfast and go on down to Anes-de-Vassiviere farm to pick up your donkey. That’s right, a donkey! This quirky offering will have your kids thrilled. Hiking with a donkey is not like horse riding, it is a fun trek and there are notContinue reading “Why Kids Love Limousin & La Croix Du Reh: Donkeying Around”