Limoges, the region’s capital, is only 30 minutes drive from La Croix Du Reh and is well worth the visit all on its own.

You kids won’t be bored either if you take them to the city’s Aquarium to look in wonder at over 300 species that they have on display: 2,500 fish and turtles in total.

There are three rooms in total and the sea life come from a variety of ecosystems that have been reproduced to allow them to enjoy and evolve in as natural a habitat as possible.

A great attraction is the piranha and moonfish pond, but by the funnest activity for all the family is the 3D guided tour that makes amazing fishy wonders really jump out at you.

Check out the aquarium’s official website (also the source of the photo in this post) for pricing and bookings or let us help you make a reservation when you arrive at the Bed and Breakfast.


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