Why Kids Love Limousin & La Croix Du Reh: The City of Insects

La Croix Du Reh is a perfect place from where the whole family explore the Limousin region and no-one will ever be bored. Your kids will love the Train à Vapeur steam train, adore fishy activities at the Limoges Aquarium and lose themselves in the d’Arbre en Arbre climbing forest. But nothing will excite them more than the amazing City of Insects.

Located near the Regional Natural Park of Millevaches near Lake Vassivière, in Limousin, the museum’s vast exhibitions of everything from beautiful butterflies to creepy-crawlies will hold you children’s attention in the grips of wonder.

The museum’s goal is to entertain, amaze and educate. To that effect they organise dozens of activities and workshops for their visitors. These can include anything from a class on aquatic insects to a ‘night at the museum’ class to learn about nocturnal criters.

The museum tends to be open between the months of April and November each year. Check the official City of Insects website (the source of the image in this post) for opening times, activity lists and booking. If you don’t speak French, why not let us help you make your reservations either at the time of booking – write a note on the booking form or email us to let us know what you would like us to arrange – or once you arrive at La Croix Du Reh.


La Croix Du Reh Bed and Breakfast (B&B)

Address: 23 Av. Amedée Tarrade, 87130, Châteauneuf – la Forêt, France


Tel: (0033) 555 69 75 37 or (0033) 661 73 42 11e-mail: lacroixdureh3@aol.com


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